Quantcast is a leading Web-based audience insights service. The company launched in September 2006 to help advertisers gauge the audiences of millions of web sites while helping publishers accurately represent their sites through direct measurement.

Today, Quantcast directly measures more than 10 million unique Web destinations and has a comprehensive understanding of all 240 million US Internet users. This unparalleled visibility is leveraged to generate comprehensive traffic, demographic and lifestyle profiles of online audiences that are based on accurate, real-time and actionable data.

The company was founded by a team of web analytics experts committed to making accurate and insightful internet audience information as widely available as possible.

Quantcast solutions have adoption by top marketers and the industry’s leading publishers including Hulu, Digg, MTV Networks, Time, Inc., Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, NBC, CBS, Fox, LinkedIn, TypePad and WordPress, as well as the top ten media agencies.